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Fidema Group

We are able to perform design, construction and assistance to assemble systems in the naval, industrial and civil sectors, ensuring a high quality final product.
The technologies at our disposal and our modern and dynamic structure allows us to enhance the characteristics of flexibility, intervention timing , continuous updating and research of the best design solutions in order to meet the needs of our Clients.
Our head office is located in Monfalcone and employs more than 50 employees. The entire Fidema Group consists of 130 people including engineers, designers and personal commissioning. Our staff is made up of professionals with proven experience in the marine, civil and industrial sectors and is our real strength. Thanks to a process continuous updating we are always able to meet the demands of our customers in a timely and precise way using the most innovative technologies and systems.
Since the beginning of 2005 Fidema Progetti has activated its Branch Office in the city of Genoa and has rapidly grown close to the production areas of Sestri Ponente, Riva Trigoso and Muggiano. This office develops complex naval structures, preparation and development of documents (coordinated plans, lists, nesting, panel lines, fascicle beams and much more.)

POR FESR 2014 – 2020 Project

Fidema Progetti is proudly part of the European Project POR FESR 2014 – 2020 in cooperation with Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, an opportunity for the sustainable growth.

Project name: Innovation of the hardware and software infrastructure to increase productivity
Description: The investment project in question is aimed at creating an ICT system able to provide innovative technological solutions for the operations of FIDEMA PROGETTI SRL
Target: Achieve a substantial improvement in the supply of professional calculation services, design and development that constitutes the company’s core business.
Achieved results: The Company is now equipped with advanced ITC systems that allow to handle an higher number of activities improving the competitivity of the Company itself.
Financing amount: €94.571,21
Allowed expenses amount: €189.142,41
Beneficiary: Fidema Progetti srl

FIDEMA GROUP: Synergy of skills

The synergy

Fidema Group is the sum of the commitment of Fidema Projects, Meg Industry, Meg 3D and MEG Pneumatic Division to provide a 360 ° service in the field of civil, industrial and naval engineering and objective of accompanying the Customer from the initial basic requirement to the final realization of the project through all the necessary steps involving the entire organization and its specific skills. Fidema Group can also provide a wide range of post-installation and sales services for the control and maintenance of plants, whether they are designed within the Group, or designed and installed by third parties.
Thanks to the synergy among all its components, Fidema Group offers a complete support and allows its customers to interact with a single partner who becomes a single reference point in responding to a wide range of requests which are managed in synergy by the multiple areas of expertise within the Group.

The Quality System

Fidema Progetti has developed a certified quality system in compliance with the provisions of the ISO 9001: 2015 SINCERT standard, for all production activities in Shipbuilding and industrial design and Provision of non-destructive testing services


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